Competences We Are Great At

We have years of experience in the fields described below. We mainly provide online, web based and mobile solutions that allow access via web browsers to your infrastructure and data store.


As Ruby gained popularity in software development, we also acquired considerable knowledge in it, and along with that, in it’s largest framework, Ruby on Rails. We have created centralized data management platforms, social applications, educational softwares, and reward systems for engagement building between the customers and the employees at e-commerce companies.



Our company has several years of experience with PHP development, as our largest applications are made with the popular Symfony and Laravel frameworks and with the Drupal CMS. Our portfolio comprises of financial accounting and business project management softwares and we have a strong background in e-learning solutions and workflow management systems as well.



With client-, and server-side JavaScript we have the advantage to use unlimited building blocks published by the open-source community. With these packages we have created multiple small apps, and a large, but modular microservice-based application with real-time deep image processing, detailed analytics service and a responsive mobile application, all based on WebSocket technology.


Frontend development

We are committed to ensure great user experience for our clients. The user interface should be detailed and precise, but intuitive enough for the users. We have strong knowledge with the most popular frontend frameworks and libraries, such as, Angular, React or Vue.js. With these technologies we can create rich and dynamic surfaces for your systems.

Technologies We Use

The right tool can make a difference!
angular react ionic symfony rails nodejs postgres vuejs

Where We Come From

Info-LL Ltd. was founded in 2010 in the hungarian city of sun, Szeged. Our primary activities are custom software development and online server and service maintenance and we have more than 10 years of experience working for major corporations and governmental institutions.

Our office is located in Szeged, the hometown of University of Szeged, which is one of Hungary's leading and internationally ranked higher education institutions. Thanks to this, we can get in touch with the best people after having their university degree to work together.

Our Largest Projects


Scolia Scorekeeper Unit

Real-time automatic scorekeeping solution for steel-tip darts.

  • We develop the frontend and the backend of the Scolia system, with a real-time communication platform between our systems and the scorekeeping units.
  • The stable operation of a globally available game is usually a huge effort. We use Google Cloud Platform and it's connected technologies to do this effectively and reliably.

ProAnt Financial Project Manager

ProAnt (derived from ‘PROject assistANT’) is an online tool for keeping track the financial status of your call / tender / project. It is focusing on the financial management of the Hungarian (European Union funded) projects, following the rules and requirements of the national tendering committee.

ProAnt is used mainly by higher education institutes (universities) to manage their project finances.


Check IT Community Platform

The Check IT Community Platform was built for Checkpoint IT members and for their partners. The applications main feature is to help resource sharing between clients based on members competences in the IT segment.

  • Our job was building the whole application on Ruby on Rails as a backend and ReactJS for the frontend.

EQA - External Quality Assessment

The EQA application is used by quality control organizations to evaluate their laboratories and manage their contracts and orders.

  • Our job is to extend the system with admin configuration functions, quality of life improvements and other useful features.
  • The application's backend is written in Java with the Dropwizard framework and the frontend is built with ReactJS.

Contact Details

Give us a call if you are thinking about a custom project or just stop by our office for coffee

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